From the spiritual rhythm, only corporal stillness can generate, the sunlight absence sparks the inner fire sheltered in the heart of every Wayuu woman.

As she lies suspended in her chinchorro, shrouded in a trance, between the world of her ancestors and the physical reality, a subtle dimension fuses mind and space, melting the rancheria’s walls into the infinite wisdom of the lightening mother’s womb where their race comes from.  


The confinement rite · S U T A P A U L U · designates the closure from the outside world, so the overture to a whole ancestral legacy can take place as an inside awakening transition ceremony; from a girl’s childhood to the full spiritual, physical and mental apogee, a woman needs to cope with her mystical knowledge responsibilities.  


Priestesses of the thread secrets that the spider Wale´ Kerü gave them, to master the sciences and arts of sacred knitting, only the female family members which have been initiated can interact with the new apprentice; so she can perpetuate through her life the same knowledge string that has kept the families aligned in clans, and the clans intersected as timeless net knots of the Wayuu nation.


As long as many moons the family can provide, renouncing from their daughte’s presence, her shaved head as a living allegory, will grow a mane of Wayuu culture insights; until her temperance is prepared to guide her people for what’s to come and may come.


Text by: Nicolás Silva Silva 

Copyright © 2020 Paula Mendoza