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Dear Readers, Welcome to “Our Stories”


This section to our website is dedicated to you learning more about the PM world and about me, Paula Mendoza.

In these posts, I will take you on a journey of my life as a designer, a woman and as a traveler.

In the past, I always invited you to learn about me through social media whether it was through Instagram Stories or photos. However, I want to get more personal with all of you.

I wanted to create a forum in which everything that I am doing, ranging from my dedication to Artisans in Latin America to my daily inspirations are shared. This will allow you to get to know me, the spirit behind my brand and the PM world thoroughly.

I invite you to see these posts as a collaboration between me and you. I welcome any suggestions as to what you want to learn about me and my brand, and I will be happy to post about it.

We thank you for all of your support over the years and we welcome you now for the next leg of this journey!



Creative Director of L.A. Cano Jewelry

Paula is truly excited to announce that she is the new Creative Director of La Cano Jewelry. La Cano Jewelry is the oldest and most respected jewelry of Colombia – with more than 100 years of tradition by replicating jewelry which are all now exhibited at the Museo Del Oro in Bogota. She will be launching her first collection with Cano in September, stay tuned!

Jay-Z Family Feud Ft. Beyoncé

Good news for Paula Mendoza Jewelry. Beyoncé is seen wearing our Kamentsa Earrings from our latest collection – Ianimi. She is seen multiple times in Jay-Z’s latest music video “Family Feud” rocking one of our favorites this season. This is the second time Beyoncé has worn PMJ and we could not be more excited to share this with you. Click to see entire video for an up-close look at our jewels.

CFS & Vogue

In August 2017, Paula was asked to be part of the esteemed panel Costa Rica Fashion Summit in discussing the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry – in which she also discussed how her brand has been practicing forms of sustainability since its inception. Shortly after the summit ended, Vogue covered this event and Paula’s participation in it, demonstrating the importance of our handcrafted jewelry made in Bogota, Colombia and what it means to be a sustainable brand in the fashion industry today.


In September, Semana Magazine asked Paula to write an article on her point of view about the use of emeralds in the jewelry world in light of mining and its complexity. She notes in the article how she has made the conscious decision to always utilize raw emeralds within her designs. For Paula, it is a choice to be socially and environmentally aware of where she sources her emeralds, which are sourced conflict-free.

Moda Colombiana

In October 2017, El Tiempo – the biggest newspaper in Colombia names Paula Mendoza as one of the Top 8 most successful Colombian designers of today. This acknowledgment is another example of her own country recognizing Paula and her hard work and talent. This is of great importance as previously she was awarded by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos the Top 100 Colombians changing the face of the country award.

The UN

In November, Paula Mendoza was invited to be part of the Latino Impact Summit – one of the few Spanish panels that take place in the United Nations in NY. This panel brings the best of Latin American entrepreneurs, journalist, and philanthropic leaders to openly discuss the opportunities and challenges related to Sustainable development for Latin America.



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