Audacious & sophisticated. Contemporary & whimsical. Captivating and playful.

PM jewels elevate the spirit of the wearer and bring joy to many. 

PM jewels elevate the spirit  and bring joy to many.   

More than jewels, they are sculptures. Since Paula Mendoza started her sculpture program at the Corcoran School of Arts and Design in George Washington University, she was captivated by the idea of jewels as small sculptures one can wear. Since then, combining sculptural forms with precious materials and exceptional Colombian craftsmanship has been her passion.   

Sustainable jewelry: a spark for many. Our dedication to quality goes beyond materials. We seek to do conscious business in every decision, big and small. All our materials are ethically and thoughtfully sourced. For each piece and collection, there is a hand-by-hand connection, and we are dedicated to supporting our community of artisans and creatives in Colombia. In this way, we all grow together.

A point of light and fun. One of the great beauties of jewelry, beyond its sparkling surface, are its precious materials and thoughtful design. Our pieces are appealing to the eye whilst intentionally designed in scale, weight, and function to the body. We are inspired by the different shapes and forms a jewel takes and we adore the way in which you can play with them in many settings.

A Celebration of gems in life. Throughout cultures, jewelry has offered inspiration and celebration to humanity and nature. Our motto is to seek jewels in materials and craftsmanship techniques, as well as in objects, people and environments. We cherish jewels and collaborate in creating new realities. 

Paula Mendoza jewelry combines sculptural and ancestral aesthetics with contemporary designs.  Over a 20-year journey, the Colombian designer has become known for her circular imagery that represents connection in all its forms. Circles are not only iconic in her jewelry but also part of her philosophy for life and business. Aesthetically, she utilizes it as a prominent component in each of her collections. For her, the circle represents a universal symbol of wholeness and movement, a balance between cause and effect, while it invokes femininity and protection.


Paula Mendoza was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. She studied social communications, which helped her shape her understanding of human connectivity. In 2003, realizing this was not the channel she wanted to express her inherent passion and creativity for design, she opened her first Atelier in Bogota. A year later, she moved to Washington, D.C, where she studied Sculpture at the Corcoran Art Institute, and built a private clientele that allowed her to experiment and gain popularity.

Combining the unparalleled craftsmanship of Colombian artisans and her innovative approach to design, Paula Mendoza has spent her later years working between Colombia and New York. Her brand has made it to the most reputable retailers worldwide such as Net-A-Porter, Saks, Harvey Nichols and Bergdorf Goodman. The jewelry’s presence and popularity have increased through celebrities and bloggers using her eye-catching pieces. Such popularity has led the brand to be featured in countless publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, InStyle, W Magazine, among others, as well as landing a cover on Allure, establishing the jewelry’s recognition.

Since inception, Paula Mendoza consciously decided to position her country as source of inspiration and production. Every material founded in her pieces are ethically sourced and conflict free. The brand also champions sustainability production practices and invest in the economic growth of local artisans. PM’s artists have grown with her over a 20-year journey, creating an intimate family whose handcrafted work has created an ethos of social responsibility. She is also Co-Founder and creative director of Looking for the Masters, a project that looks to work with artisans and indigenous communities in order to preserve traditional Pre-Columbian craft techniques.

In 2014 Paula was awarded by Colombia’s president as one of the top 100 influential people outside the country. She received, in 2019, the award of “Colombianos estrella” for been an influential Colombian outside Colombia. In 2020, Forbes presented Paula Mendoza as one of Colombia´s Top 50 creatives, alongside renown artists, such as, Fernando Botero, Doris Salcedo, Sofía Vergara, Esteban Cortázar and Shakira.

Paula’s distinctive eye for aesthetic and craftsmanship is unhinged from any label restraints, allowing herself to experiment in different creative fields. Her designs are occasionally found in clothing, accessories and home décor.