How to compete in our #OLYMPMS
In four easy steps:

1.Create a post / story in your instagram showing us your jewels in the most creative way 
2. Tag #OLYMPS & 2 of your friends to challenge them 
3. Each week we will post the entries so all of our followers vote for their favorite
4. You have until the 28th of August to compete & the 31st of August we'll name the winners

The winner can choose 3 jewels that they like 
SECOND PRIZE: Silver Medal
Choose 2 jewels
THIRD PRIZE: Bronze Medal
Choose 1 jewel
*All from our fashion collection
  • The contest is valid from August 10th until August 28th of 2021
  • The first 3 places will be prized with the following: The winner (first prize) can choose 3 jewels, second place can choose 2 jewels and third place can choose 1 jewel all of them from our FASHION JEWELRY COLLECTION
  • Contestants can upload as many content pieces they wish
  • Each week we will be publishing everyone’s content in order for our followers to vote during 24h & there will be 4 weekly winners that will participate in the FINALS which will be from the 28th to the 31st August 2021
  • The winners will be chosen by our followers
  • Each entry should be creative, fun, get your best angle, look, smile, great background, a sprinkle of humor, and should tell a story. Most importantly use the hashtag #OLYMPMS


  • All participants should be following the instagram account @bypaulamendoza
  • In each entry / post you should tag and challenge 2 other people 
  • You do not necessarily have to use Paula Mendoza jewelry. If you want to win the prize just make sure you put together very creative entries / posts